Ended 2020 with a Large Hotel Refresh

Technology Transfer LLC ended 2020 performing a complete technology refresh at 29 customer sites.  Our Teams replaced Racks, UPS, Servers, Routers, Switches, Desktops, Printers and POS systems over a 7 day period of time.  Each team was staffed with technicians, each with varied skill sets.   Technology Transfer LLC staffed Data Center Technicians, Network Engineers, Cable Technicians, Desktop Support and POS Support personnel at each location.

This project was a transition for our customer.  Barely any documentation existed, prior to our teams arrival onsite.  We had to trace, tone, label and figure out the transition steps in a short amount of time.  This transition covered 29 locations and included 156 technicians.  

We assigned a seasoned Project Manager to keep all teams moving forward, regardless of the delay or roadblock in our way.   Our PM communicated all deliverables to our customer by utilizing a shared group of documents.  These documents were utilized by our technical team, PM's and customers.  This approach negated the need for hundreds of emails and many hours on the phone.  

Some customer Feedback from a few of the sites

Your Technical Leads were a tremendous asset.  Their knowledge of the equipment and cooperation were critical for being able to complete the site’s conversion.  Your lead  was able to do more single-handedly than our other vendors' entire team.  

Thanks Technology Transfer LLC – we are in AMAZING shape here. GREAT Tech team.  They are all keepers.  

Technology Transfer's technicians are responsible for the success of this project!  

This team was great - please make sure they do any project I am on next!

Thank you so much for sending in your A-team!

Technology Transfer LLC has nationwide support for deployments and transitions.  We have demonstrated our abilities and are ready to support your requirements.